Welcome to Bermuda

"The loveliest island in the world"

This secret has been so well kept over the years that the tiny sub-tropical island 650 miles east of North America's Atlantic coast has remained just as idyllic as it ever was. Those who have discovered the paradise of Bermuda return year after year to enjoy the pristine creamy white beaches flecked with pink sands, outstanding hotels with luxurious accommodation & fine cuisine, year-round sunshine, plus warm and friendly people who enjoy a life style free of crime & poverty.

So if you want to discover Bermuda’s secret, please call us on TELEPHONE 01372 372123 to discuss your plans with someone who’s been there – and who wants to tell you all about it!


Luxury 10 night Holiday - Hamilton + Beach

Enjoy the best of both worlds with 5 nights at Newstead Belmont Hills in a One Bedroom Suite (with free golf), followed by 5 nights at The Reefs in a Cliffside Room. Any date or combination is possible, so call us for a tailored quote!

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